Wednesday, 17 August 2011


At first...

Here's from a different part of the sky:

Here's only about 3 minutes later!:

And here's about another 3 minutes later!:

I love sunsets... and sunrises, there's many like this that we see out of this window in our kitchen.


Monday, 15 August 2011

Great Song!

This such a great song, have a listen!:

It is called 'Blame It On The Boom Boom', and it is by the band 'Black Stone Cherry'. Thanks to Lukey and Henry Leutner for showing me this song.


Sunday, 14 August 2011

EKR - Rock Radio


'EKR' is a fantastic Rock Radio that was founded and started by my friends Lukey and Henry's Farther, Pete Leutner and his friend John Brocks in 1995. 'EKR' first stood for 'East Kent Radio' in 1995 and changed its name to 'EKR' standing for 'European Klassik Rock' in 1997. 'EKR' standing for 'European Klassik Rock shut down in 1999. In 2009 it started again as just 'EKR' standing for nothing. They thought that they shouldn't narrow the music down to just Europe because a lot of the songs they play are from outside of Europe. Listen to the 'EKR' Main (Rock) Stream here. Listen to the 'EKR' Rocky Stream here for all eras of rock. Listen to the 'EKR' Now Stream here for rock songs from 1995 onwards. Listen to the Retro Stream here for rock songs from 1980 - 1995. Listen to the Gold Stream here for rock songs from the late 1960s - 1980.


Monday, 8 August 2011

Trip To Marwell Zoo

Yesterday (Sunday, 7th August 2011), we went to Marwell Zoo near the city of Winchester. My sister, Gracie, and I took a few movies and a lot of photos! Very few of the animals I didn't know the name of.

Here are most of the photos:

Here's a Cheeta!

And it's food!

This is a sculpture of a Velo-ciraptor (pronounced: velosarapter), a dinosaur so dangerous and fierce that it could claw humans to immediate death with just one strike of a claw and attack, kill and eat a Tyrannosaurus Rex almost immediately! Also, so clever that if they weren't extinct, they could be the Earth's dominant species instead of humans!

This is the sign displaying that sculpture of the Velo-ciraptor. It says on sign sign that the sculpture can be bought for £695! But it is an amazing sculpture so it is worth it. The sign's a bit wet because it was raining earlier that day.

I think these are baby Giraffes because when I came before I saw much, much, MUCH bigger ones!

These are Bongos, having an afternoon nap!

These are different types of African Fish.

This is a funny poster showing that the Meerkat's have moved their home!

The big bird I think is a type of Pelican and the smaller birds are Scared Ibis.

This is a Gemsbok.

You can't it very well but this is a Leopard.

These are Zebras! In the background is Marwell Hall, a stunning manor house. All of the zoo's grounds used to belong to the house before the zoo was made.

These are Scimitar-Horned Oryxes, having an afternoon snooze like the Bongos.

These are flowers I like.

These are really cute Meerkats! They look quite a lot like our dog, Pippi.

These are Dorcas Gazelles.

These are Locusts. They are a massive type of Grasshopper, about 3.5 inches long!

This is a sign that is on the fencing of every dangerous animal cage in the zoo.

This is a Tiger, they're enormous!

In that hut are Bat-Eared Foxes.

These are Ring-Tailed Coatis having lots of fun climbing and swinging, and one sun-bathing!

This is a Black Wildebeest also sun-bathing!

This is the Wallaby walk-in enclosure. Wallabies are small Kangaroos. The Wallabies can come on the path because the path goes through their enclosure but they prefer not to because their a bit afraid of the visitors walking through.

This is an other walk-in enclosure connected to the Wallaby walk-in enclosure, this one is home to Kookaburras.

These are Otters, they're very cute, they look quite like our dog, Pippi as do the Meerkats!

These are Ring-Tailed Lemurs, they are very funny, sometimes they meditate! The Ring-Tailed Lemurs are one of four different types of Lemur at Marwell!

Click here to go to the Marwell Zoo website.

Here's a hilarious British voiceover animal video to finnish the post!