Saturday, 12 February 2011

Blue Sky!

Finally, after weeks and weeks, we had a sunny day! These are some photos of it.

It was such a lovely day. But our cheeky dog, Pippi kept going on little adventures out of our garden, so we had to keep going to find her. Talking of Pippi.....

..... she's too cute to get angry at!

This is her when we first got her in Spring 2010. So Cute!!! She's going to be one year old on 18th March 2011, almost a year already!



  1. she is pretty darn cute but please don't let her chew anymore glasses

  2. You already have your Mum's talent with a camera. I think you will soon deserve one of your very own. Beautiful shots of your long awaited sunshine!

  3. Love your photographs, Tristan! I read your Mum's blog, but will have to stop by here now as well. Keep up the good work!

  4. hi Tristan ! sorry for not visiting earlier. P & U are now on their winter break & mama (myself) has a bit more time ;-)
    what a joy to see your beautiful home again, I have such dear & precious memories from last summer, and your French little friends too !
    Congrats on this creative blog of yours !! xoxo