Thursday, 9 February 2012

Homemade Suffleboard

A few weeks ago, I invented a way of playing shuffleboard at home. It's a pretty simple thing to do. This post is a tutorial showing how to do it yourself.
At first you'll need to find a clear, flat and smooth area of flooring in your home. It could be under a carpet as you will notice that I have used for mine. The best floor to use is smooth, flat wood.

This is a photo of the whole board. The small square piece of tape in the centre of the picture is the line that you have to stay behind in order to shoot the puck.

The next step is finding a suitable puck. I use this empty cardboard ribbon spool.

This is how to hold the puck when shooting it across the ground.

After finding a good puck, you need to mark the board with tape and boxes, (etc) at the end.

As you can see in this photo, you will need three lines of white tape (even better if it isn't to sticky to the floor so when you pull it up it won't rip some of the floor up, but still enough to stay stuck down firmly), the three lines 30cm apart and marking the following:

1st line: 20 points
2nd line: 10 points
3rd line: 30 points

Then you will need another line down the middle, and then at the end place the boxes, about 15cm - 20cm apart from the line mark 30 points. If the puck lands on any of the lines or hits a box it will count as 0 points. On that note, it is better to have empty, hollow boxes so that you can hear the puck hitting them more easily.

Here's a photo of the scoring area and puck.

The first scoring area is past this line for 20 points.

The second scoring area is past this line for 10 points.

The third and final scoring area is between this line and the boxes for 30 points.

The Score Board is the last thing you need to know. Here is a photo of the Score Board before a game; Players at the top, 'Aim Of The Game' at the bottom:

The aim of the game:

To use the score board you just have to get your first score and then keep on adding the score up. For example:
If my first score was 20 and then my second score was 30, I would write down 50.

Here is a score board timeline throughout a game:

If there are three or more players, after the winner has won, the other players will carry on playing until someone comes in second, third, etc.

Here is a video summing up how to play to finnish off with:

I hope you have enjoyed reading the post and looking at the photos and video, I also hope that you will give it a try!



  1. what great fun
    i bet the kitties would like to play this
    on this very snowy day here in ontario

  2. oh yes yes what fun indeed !
    I'll have to make that with P & U, they will love it !
    thank you so much T (& Joanie) for the great video & tutorial !
    Thinking about you